Our Phone Number: 0800 473 825

Petal Cupcakes Limited (hereafter referred to as Petal) is a New Zealand owned business.

All prices and fees are in NZD (New Zealand Dollars).


Our cupcakes and Topcakes are considered “perishable goods” and are therefore not covered by our courier company if they are harmed while being transported unless the driver is deemed negligent – which typically isn’t the case. By accepting our terms and conditions you understand your cupcakes leave Petal in perfect condition but sometimes, despite our secure packaging and our courier drivers taking extra special care to get them to you in that same perfect condition, the cupcakes have minds of their own and can move around during transit. Considering that, delivery is at your own risk. To avoid any delivery dilemmas, a pick-up option is available. In the unfortunate event that the cupcakes are damaged by our couriers and are not fit for purpose, Please could you keep them and take a photo for us. We will then take it up with the couriers and do our best to resolve the issue.

Please note our Topcakes are particularly fragile and have, up until recently, not been delivered because of their fragility. We have a special Topcake box with an insert that circles the cake to prevent it from moving however we still recommend picking up Topcakes to eliminate risk.

Lateness: Please understand we do our very best to ensure cupcakes arrive on time within the two-hour time slot. A courier is always booked in advance to avoid lateness however factors such as traffic can often delay a driver. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure delivery within your chosen time slot we are sometimes let down. Again, to avoid delivery issues you may pick up from one of our stores.

If you are sending cupcakes to a private or home address the protocol is as follows: Our courier company asks us when booking a job going to a private address, “is it okay to leave if no one is home?” Which we always reply to with a YES. We provide them with special delivery instructions if applicable, for example, “leave at back door”, “last house down the end of long driveway” or “gate code is 1234#.” Please note our cupcakes are packaged in cardboard boxes that aren’t fully sealed and we don’t provide sealed packaging when we need to leave cupcakes outside. We take no responsibility for the cupcakes once they leave Petal so we highly recommend finding out when/if someone is home to sign for the cupcakes before sending them to a private address. If there isn’t anywhere safe to leave the cupcakes they will come back to Petal and sent out again at buyer’s expense.

Care Instructions

As a Petal cupcake, I last fresh up to three days, but please do not put me in the fridge! I stay freshest in an airtight container or you can keep me in my packaging to show me off to your friends. I also freeze really nicely so you can store me away and bring me out for those Petal craving emergencies.

Random acts of Cupcakes

We at Petal love a good cause. As part of our social responsibility programme, we have launched a new initiative for our customers who feel that they may wish to spread a bit of the Petal magic throughout Auckland. Just before checkout, we have an option for you as a Petal customer to make a donation of cupcakes that we will then distribute to a worthy charity in Auckland. This will be able to be purchased at a discounted price of $2.50. We currently support Auckland City Mission, Ronald McDonald House as well as Starship, but would always welcome your suggestions. All donated cupcakes from the customer cupcake bank will then be available for distribution to various charities.