Random Acts of Cupcakes

For good cupcake karma, donate to Random Acts of Cupcakes. All it takes is to purchase one extra cupcake with your order to give to charity. We match your donation, so if you buy one cupcake for charity, we’ll bake two. Make your 12 pack a baker’s dozen with one going to a good cause. Send one cupcake to bring a smile to someone you know and another to someone you may not.

Don’t worry, your donated cupcake does not sit in the store going bad. Instead, we keep track of all the donated cupcakes and prepare them when charities need them. Your cupcake donation can help a charity raise funds and make New Zealand a brighter place. Who knew one little cupcake could make such a big difference?

If your charity would like to request cupcakes for your next event or fundraiser, please contact us.  We have many options available, and can help you find the perfect cupcake package for your charities needs. every good cause should have cupcakes.

Saving the world one cupcake at a time



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We ordered 4 variations of cupcakes from petal.
They were all so scrumptious. Staff were very pleased!