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Your privacy is important to us.

Petal Cupcakes Limited T/A Petal (hereafter Petal) is committed to protecting your privacy. The following privacy policy outlines what information we collect on the website and how it is used. Please note that by visiting and using the Petal website, you are accepting the practices described in this statement.

What information we gather and how we use it

Most websites gather general, non-personally-identifying information about visitors. Petal is no different. This information can include the date and time of your visit, what webpage you were on when you clicked through to Petal, what web browser software (e.g., Internet Explorer) you are using, etc. We use this information in aggregate to provide a better experience for our visitors.

In addition, when you purchase a product on our website, you will be asked for personally identifying information including your name, a credit card number, and contact information. This information is used to communicate with our credit card processing service. All communication between Petal and the credit card processing service is encrypted using industry standard techniques to keep your sensitive information safe and secure.

The Petal website does not retain credit card numbers. Of course, we do retain your name and contact information in our order history. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to come in and pick up your cupcakes! Additionally, we will not use nor sell your information for marketing purposes without your express consent.

What about cookies?

Cookies are small text files that web browser software uses to “remember” information about you. These cookies are tied to specific websites. That is, it is not possible for another site you visit to read a cookie set by Petal. We do set cookies, particularly for use during the purchasing and payment processes. While cookies are generally considered secure, you can choose not to accept cookies by changing your web browser settings. Please note that doing so may reduce the functionality of the Petal website.

We reserve the right to change this policy without notice. Any changes will be posted to this page. Any concerns regarding this policy can be directed to sally@petal.kiwi