• Taylor City Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.70
    What customers say:
    – Do not go here! They are unprofessional and disrespectful to their customers. They are lazy and cocky as well. They never want to help and only do the bare minimum. I had a very difficult situation and had to keep asking for help but was very rudely criticized. They were the only pharmacy in the area to have Modafinil but because of an insurance issue they refused to help me. They just kept saying they couldn’t do anything. I did everything I could, I just needed a little help. I finally found another pharmacy miles away that had my medication and I was done in 20 minutes. They called the insurance and got everything done! Thank God for the GOOD ones out there that know how to do their job. It’s hard enough having the condition I have then to have to do so much just to get help.. its ridiculous!
  • CVS
    Rating: 2.40
    What customers say about www.cvs.com:
    – I’m only giving a low rating because of inappropriAte product placement next to your pharmacy. I personally have no problem with it. But felt badly for a mom with child who couldn’t sit and wait for Modafinil pills because of the product placement near the seats. There was every type of condom and lubricant in that section. Having her small child wonder what type of jelly is ky jelly. I’m sure wasn’t the thing she expected to have to explain. Just in a effort to pick up meds. I’d personally suggest better placement to make things more family-friendly while getting your scripts. Just passing along my observation in effort for improvement for so many others with small children that shop there.
  • ModafinilNet
    Rating: 4.20
    What customers say about modafinilnet.com:
    – I agree completely with Thomas Woods. I created a gmail account just to make this posting. I’m one to keep It cool and keep it moving but the horrible service time and time again, its only fair I warn others to stay away. I come in with my mom all the time, and besides the fact that hes always making perverted attempts at me (ive gotten used to it by now) he is just a douche, Thomas was right about they never sell Modafinil online and you always have to go back, and place is always dirty, they do really “shady” things, pharmacist is super shady, board of pharmacy needs to check this place out for realz
  • Med-World Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.70
    What customers say about www.sapulpapharmacy.com:
    – Just moved back to town and this is hands down the best pharmacy I’ve ever used in over 15 years. Also the review from the guy stating they are more expensive than Walmart and Walgreens is just upset about something else because I’ve never had a prescription there cost more than anywhere else, and I’d be willing to bet money they would work with you on price if you did find it cheaper somewhere else.
  • Maxcare Rx Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.60
    What customers say about maxcarerxpharmacy.business.site:
    – My family and I are very satisfied with the service we get from Maxcare Rx Pharmacy. This is the place to go!