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Make Someone’s Day the Petal Cupcakes way.

The best way to tell someone that you’re thinking of them is with a decadent cupcake, delivered right to their door or company, with your message inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only deliver within Auckland?
Yes, as much as we’d like to deliver outside of Auckland our cupcakes just wouldn’t travel very well as they are a fresh product.
Do you deliver on the weekends?

Yes we absolutely do!  Deliveries are available 7 days a week as per the timeslots available at checkout.

We are also on Uber Eats and Menulog if you are in the local area.

How do I store my cupcakes?
Please don’t put them in the fridge. Keep them either in an airtight container or in their box at ambient temperature or they even freeze well.
Do you have egg free cupcakes?
Yes, those fall under vegan cupcakes You can find them under our special dietary section.
What happens if I thought that I had paid for delivery but I have just received my order confirmation and I have realised that I haven’t paid for delivery?
Unfortunately our website defaults to pick up if the area is not on our list of suburbs or out of our delivery days. We only deliver Monday to Friday and within Auckland. There may be a typo or an error in the post code please contact the store immediately to sort this out. The list of suburbs and courier prices is on our website if you aren’t sure please check.
Do you have a minimum order?
We have no minimum order value.
Do you do assorted mini cupcakes?
Yes we do. You’ll find them under staff pick. Unfortunately you can’t specify your flavours.
I would like to write a note in the box?
If you choose our assorted packs it gives you the option to write a note otherwise please write a short note (75 characters maximum) in the “notes” section for us to write in the boxes or you can purchase a gift card and we can write it on there under extra’s or when you checkout.
Why can I not select delivery?
You may have selected out of our normal Monday to Friday delivery hours or entered the incorrect post code or selected an area that we don’t deliver.
Do you do gender reveal cupcakes?
No. The only cupcakes we do are on our website.
I haven’t received a GST invoice yet?
You will only receive the invoice once the order has been delivered if ordered through our website. If you’d like it sooner please contact the store with your order details and we can organise it for you.
When I use my gift voucher it says that it has expired
Make sure that you are using the same email address that that the voucher was sent to in order to redeem the voucher. This is for security purposes otherwise the voucher will not work.
How do I see where you deliver?
If you click on the item there is shipping and description, the delivery prices and suburbs are listed there. If it is not listed there please email Newmarket@petal.kiwi or Glenfield@petal.kiwi for a quote. Whichever store is closer to the relevant suburb…
I am struggling to login
This is a brand new website in progress, please re-register and the site will remember your logins for next time. Happy shopping. Any problems logging in, please email rav@petal.kiwi we are always happy to help
What happens if I can’t be home when my order arrives or the recipients not home?
We will always try and leave them in a safe place. Please leave clear instructions. If there is no where safe to leave them we will have to take them back to the courier Depot and you will incur a second delivery charge (this is a last resort).
Can I get custom edible toppers?
Yes, they are a minimum of 12 PER image. No less. Strictly 12 PER image only please. They are 50c each 30mm in diameter. You can email sally@petal.kiwi if you would like to order.
What happens if my payment has failed?
Please call the store and ask they can put the payment through manually or try and process the order through the website again. If your country is not a country on our payment gateway we will have your order on our system we can process the payment over the phone and proceed with the order.
What happens if I haven’t received an order notification?
Please check your junk folder, the email address you have entered may have had a typo which may have been the reason. Please contact the store and request a copy with your order information. It may be that your order did not go through for some reason please also check your bank account.
Can I choose my flavours in the assorted packs?
I’m afraid if you choose the assorted packs we choose the flavours for you, otherwise you can select the individual cupcakes and checkout that way.
Do you do mini vegan, mini gluten free or mini vegan gluten free cupcakes?
No, we do these 3 in the regular size not in the minis as per our website. We don’t make them in the mini size for special orders not on request, sorry.
How do I order your “Flavour Friday “?
You can find our Flavour Friday cupcakes under the main Shop menu. We will put that Friday’s flavour in for that week.
Can I customise my own colours?
Yes we can, but subject charges and minimum order of 12 per custom colour. We can custom colour every flavour except chocolate. Please contact sally@petal.kiwi for further details.
This is a gift, do you include the receipt in the box?
No, we email the order confirmation, then once the order has been delivered we email you the GST invoice.
How long are your Gift Vouchers valid For?
12 Months from date of purchase.

Go on, try our sweet delights today.
You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cupcakes
– and that’s kind of the same thing.